Streaming Fruit, My Newest Blog About iTunes

The last year of running has been really fun – so fun in fact that it has inspired me to start a second blog.

This time, with I’ll be focusing my writing on iTunes related news and content, discussing new movies, TV and occasionally music that has been added to the iTunes streaming library. Over the course of the next few months you will likely see a lot of annoying tweets and shameless promotion of my newest content venture, so just a fair warning.

I’ll definitely be looking for contributors, so if you are looking to write about movies and television, please do give me a shout as I’d love to have you.

Got any ideas for another blog? I’m already thinking a few months in advance to try and figure out what might come next. Unfortunately my good buddy Luke already nabbed a Hulu blog, so I’ll have to think of something outside of that…

Microsoft Isn’t Wrong, Your Boss is Just a Jerk

Recently the tech world has been exploding in anger over Microsoft’s newest 365 campaign and what it encourages. People have also been taking to the internet complaining about how Microsoft is misguided in it’s promotional efforts here, but I completely disagree.

Sure, it’s an absolutely terrible thing in reality; encouraging people to work around the clock, never putting their phone down, ignoring their children to respond to an email, etc… But the fact of the matter is, it’s a really effective campaign.

Microsoft isn’t marketing this product to the actual workers on display in these ads. This is directed specifically toward decision makers and folks who hold the purse strings. The people who want to squeeze every penny out of their workforce.

Think of it this way: these images plant the seed in the mind of management that, “Hey, with Office 365, there is no excuse for my team to NOT be able to do a quick bit of work late at night or during their kid’s soccer game!”

This sells.

So… sure, Microsoft might be at fault for encouraging this as a possibility and the reality of that is a nasty thought, but the campaign is simply communicating a very clear message to the people who are going to pull the trigger on “365″ culture. Those people are the ones to blame.

Two Months of Blogging About Netflix Recapped

It’s been two months running my new Netflix blog and it’s been rather fun and enjoyable thus far.

Here are some of the facts surrounding building the site:


The top three  pages (excluding the homepage):

List of Netflix Original Series : 3236 PV

Countries Where Netflix is Available : 3078 PV

The Best Action Movies on Netflix : 1519 PV

The top three referrers of traffic (not including direct):

Google : 9277 visits

Reddit : 3338 visits

Bing : 233 visits


According to Webmaster Tools, there are currently 31 separate domains referencing my site, mostly the homepage and the occasional article. The map of countries where Netflix is available has done particularly well.

What information would you like to see? I’m always  happy to share!

Update on How to Rank Number One on Google, Guaranteed

Many of my fans and followers, the millions of you, know that I know how to rank number one on Google for anything.

Well it seems there are a few DOUBTERS out there — But I literally do not see how this is possible, as I clearly am ranking for some very powerful terms.

haters gonna hate

Go ahead… try me out… Search for the following terms and then try telling me I don’t know how to rank #1 on Google for anything:

  • Banana chalk prototype fighter grainy periwinkle horn
  • Alphabet beta plausibility gorilla cereal telephone tripping
  • Fun ripped quasar yellow nostalgic crisis zipper
  • Documentation forking heater baseball radio government mouse
  • A bird wearing a tucked in shirt

Now you can also rank number one on Google anytime you like!


New Content Project Launched

Just a quick FYI — I have launched a new side project that I’m really going to be focusing heavily on for the next few months.

What is it, you ask? Well… let me tell you!

I have recently launched….. The Best of Netflix

This new project of mine will be a place where I’ll be reviewing my favorite Netflix content as well as curating best of lists and opening discussion with regards to the great original content that Netflix has been continually working toward releasing.

I’ll definitely be looking for help, so if you have anything to add, by all means let me know!