this is where I put on my tin foil hat

this is a common conversation for me to have

all my friends are advertising to me | the future of marketing

I hate my friends. And I am convinced they are all being paid to advertise products to me. Exhibit A: I consider myself relatively immune to television and web advertisements. Very rarely does any form of marketing do it for me. Short of the occasional viral campaign, I pay very little mind to promotions. However, [...]

these men are about to "rob toledo"

rob toledo as a verb | on creating an unintentional Google bomb

Since I have a blog, you must know that I am practically Internet-famous. But you might not know that Stenton is not my first name. So now you’re probably asking yourself: “Why Stenton?  This seems so very silly. If your name is Rob, Wouldn’t you want to brand yourself accordingly?” Yes, that would normally be [...]