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Microsoft Isn’t Wrong, Your Boss is Just a Jerk

Recently the tech world has been exploding in anger over Microsoft’s newest 365 campaign and what it encourages. People have also been taking to the internet complaining about how Microsoft is misguided in it’s promotional efforts here, but I completely disagree. Sure, it’s an absolutely terrible thing in reality; encouraging people to work around the [...]

Update on How to Rank Number One on Google, Guaranteed

Update on How to Rank Number One on Google, Guaranteed

Many of my fans and followers, the millions of you, know that I know how to rank number one on Google for anything. Well it seems there are a few DOUBTERS out there — But I literally do not see how this is possible, as I clearly am ranking for some very powerful terms. Go [...]

Communicating on Twitter

Communicating on Twitter

There seems to still be a lot of confusion on how to properly communicate on Twitter. I’m not talking about social norms or how to be a Twitter guru/rock star/enlightened individual; this is more specific than that. Not a day goes by where I don’t see people misunderstand how to tweet directly at someone versus [...]

The Worst Advantages

“You don’t really climb, you just reach.” I hear this a lot at my local climbing gym. I’m a pretty tall guy at 6’4″ with a massive reach, so one might assume that it’s pretty easy for me just to reach up past any terrible holds to the good stuff. And when I was first [...]

The Worst Product Placements on TV

This week’s episode of NBC’s The Office had the most blatant product placement for an unnamed espresso machine company. With lines like “These things make perfect espresso every time!” and “I want to try all the flavors!” it was impossible for me to watch the rest of the episode without wondering what else was being [...]